Feudal japan environment challenge. Interior of the castle.
Erik nykvist castle interior 01
Erik nykvist calloutsheet interior 02
Erik nykvist abstract compositions

Early stage abstract compositions before i had desided what to do.

The interior of the castle. Passers by has to walk on the road on the ground level. On each side they have high walls and on top of them stand archers ready to fire. They can feel the pressure as they walk by. Follow orders. Questoins will be trown at you. What is your matter? What are you transsporting? Where are you going, and who are you? where is your loyalty? Do you belong to another clan? The answer can eider be your Death or you might get sent down in the castle dungeon in a cell. You might as well be able to pass by. Taxed or not depending on who you are.

Cranes transsport goods up into the castle. This has been a subject for infilitration. Assasins or spies hiding among the goods over the years have been able to get inside. Perhaps this is your mission?

There are gates and drawbridges on each side.

Here you can see the outside of the castle.

Here is the tread from the callenge