Feudal Japan Environment challenge. Takeda castle
Erik nykvist castle exterior
Erik nykvist calloutsheet exterior 02
Erik nykvist abstract compositions

Early stage abstract exploration compositions before I decided what to do. The 4th picture is what gave birth to this concept.

Takeda castle. On the strategic position on the great river in the middle of a waterfall, the only place in several miles you can cross it, is were the Takeda clan has a castle. Standing there for centuries, they have never lost controll of the castle, or the people and the goods that wants to pass trough. The passers by are in their hands and left totally powerless. Sourounded by mountains and a cold climate, The warmth inside the castle is attractive when you stand in the cold outside. With high and heavy walls, drawbridges and gates it has been inpossible to breach. Or perhaps until now. Someone is having plans..

See the inside of the castle here

The process here